From the very beginning, Chef Saboor and his wife Maria have been known for their delicious homemade chutneys, marinades, and breads. Now, you can bring a taste of Angela's home with you! Selected chutneys, marinades and spice blends are available in our online store. You'll always find crowd-pleasers like Roasted Red Pepper Chutney and Angela's House Marinade, alongside our short-run seasonal treats. For example, if Saboor finds perfect strawberries at the farmer's market, he'll pass the bounty on to you with a limited edition Strawberry Chutney. So check back regularly to see what Saboor and Maria have cooked up this week!



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Of course you can always come for Lunch or Dinner, and pick-up jars to go.




Don't see your favorite Angela's chutney, marinade, or sauce for sale here? Can't wait to get back to the restaurant for your next taste? Drop us a line! We're always expanding our offerings and would love to know what your favorites are.

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